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    “There are lots of reasons why people get into direct selling in general and OK LIFECARE in particular. Once people discover our opportunities, they see the possibilities. It challenges their imagination."

    herbo foodceutical

    Herbofoodceutical, a product range for preventive and wellness healthcare to revolutionize the healthcare direct selling industry with effective health benefits and affordable prices. Traditional ayurvedic knowledge of herbs combined with advanced food ingredients & technology to specifically target lifestyle disorders.

    charak ayu

    Charakayu is an exclusive range of ayurvedic products derived from the essence of nature and traditional herbs. These products are made with traditional knowledge and latest green extraction technology without losing its bioactive components beneficial for health.

    sweet bliss

    This is our 100% Vegan premium personal care product range with PETA certification and free from hazardous chemicals giving you world class experience with natural touch. All products are 100% Paraben and sulphate free made with ethically sourced cruelty free natural ingredients based on Nano-Emulsion technology.

    Better U

    BetterU is our personal care range of products with advanced and specialized formulation providing best care to your body. All products of this range are based on Nano-Emulsion technology with aqua base for better absorbance and youthful experience.


    Scientific & Safe

    Because we care for you! Every product range has been formulated after due scientific diligence keeping in mind each customer’s safety with evidence driven critical thinking.


    Innovative & Eco Friendly

    The company values nature for a sustainable future. Saving our planet and resources with innovative eco-friendly products without hazardous chemicals to get our green wheels running.


    Affordable and Advance

    We have developed diverse product ranges based on advanced technology at affordable prices including lots of features absolutely free from harmful chemicals to revolutionize the direct selling industry.


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    “Preserving marvels of mother Nature for future Generations”

    OK Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. offers unprecedented opportunities to our distributors to build on their experiences and set new standards of delivery and product quality which no other Direct Selling company has offered, ensuring the highest level of business ethics and transparency.

    Determined to take the Indian direct selling business to recognition and respectability, we not only make sure to deliver the best quality but also offer the most competitive prices in the market and that is what makes us the Market leader.

    None of this would have been possible without the sheer commitment and determination of the employees and direct sellers of OK Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. As we step into the future, we aspire to continually improve at all fronts to ensure that OK Lifecare continues to serve its customers, employees, direct sellers and the whole industry.

    DK . Saharan CEO


    for your health & wealth

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